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Czech Glass Nail Files


I don’t know about anyone else but I was sceptical of these nail files.  I had tried them before as giveaways and they were awful and became blunt after a few uses but I heard people raving about them on international forums.  Then I found out why.  The secret is in the manufacturing process and country of manufacture!  Surprise ~ Surprise!  I had been using cheap, imitation copies!

Sea Siren Cosmetics has Wenchfully sourced GENUINE glass nail files (sometimes called crystal) direct from the Czech Republic.  The original as well as one of the leading countries utilising the oldest glass production traditions and techniques with the latest technology.

In keeping with the Sea Siren philosophy of Australian Made, which in this case is impossible, the services of a local Australian wholesaler to import them have been utilised.  Australian small business helping each other is what Sea Siren is all about!

It doesn’t stop there…….Who doesn’t love bling!  The nail files and other nail accessories are adorned with SWAROVSKI® elements – Bubbles of Bling which are designed and created by master craftsmen in Prague who place each SWAROVSKI® crystal by hand creating works of art that are beautiful, functional and truly Sealightful.

You can find our complete range of Nail Accessories including Glass Files HERE

After personally test-driving them they ARE the perfect tool!  Why?

  • Superior quality
  • Exclusive, Stylish, Luxurious and most importantly Practical
  • Perfect for natural and artificial nails (when using on artificial nails dip repeatedly in water during filing)
  • Unlimited life span – file surface never erodes unlike paper and metallic nail files.
  • Hygienic – water-resistant so they do not absorb moisture from nails and hands preventing infections
  • Easy to clean
  • Leaves nails smoother and healthier
  • Regular use prevents nails from chipping, splitting or flaking.
  • Verseatile – can be used to remove hardened skin around nails as well as the soles and heels of your feet (with larger nail files)

Caring for your Glass Nail File

  • Rinse under running water after each use to remove nail dust
  • Dirtier files can be cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent
  • For professionals – they can be sterilised with heat in an autoclave (up to 250C), boiling water, UV light or alcohol


  • Remember, this is still glass, although tempered and of extremely high quality
  • Handle with care but should withstand drops onto most surfaces
  • They can break if they fall onto harder surfaces (ceramic, concrete, stone) from a height greater than 1 – 1.5 metres – but I don’t recommend test driving this!
  • If the nail file becomes damaged it is essential to stop using it to prevent injury.
  • When not in use the glass nail file should be kept it in its protective sleeve.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and animals

Special Note – the ends of the files are sanded by hand. Due to specific features of Czech glass and it’s processing, even if you break the file you will never cut yourself as all broken pieces will be large enough without bevels.

The Process

I’m a bit geeky and like to know how things work so maybe you do too!  So in brief:

Manufacturing crystal nail files is a combination of modern technologies with traditional Bohemian crystal and glass processing methods. Both semi-automatic processes and hand work help bring you the modern day nail care tool.

The most important steps in the process (excluding several ‘trade secret” steps) are:

  1. Cutting original hardened Czech glass sheets into smaller pieces
  2. Carving traditional nail file forms from the glass sheets
  3. Placing the forms into specially formulated acid
  4. The award winning life-long abrasive surface for nail filing is created, from this step it is the crystal nail file in its almost final form
  5. Sanding up the ends of crystal nail files by hand gives the nail file safety edges
  6. Tempering process to make files more durable and more resistant to unexpected drops
  7. Decoration:
    • Colouring – special paint is applied on the handle, with additional heat processing to fix the paint
    • Beautifying – hand painting or encasing with SWAROVSKI® Elements

An Enchanting Journey and Beyond

In keeping with our travel theme, we have designed our products around travel size, however, if our customers demand larger sizes for home use, we will be happy to expand our range to accommodate.  Just let us know by commenting on Facebook or email us at

So there you have it all you gawjus Sea Wenches.  Sealicious, Blingy, Exclusive and Practical nail files and accessories.  Be the envy of all your friends as you embark on An Enchanting Journey!