Promoting A Wave of Change for Shipwrecked Hands, Nails & Feet

Introducing Sea Siren Cosmetics Sealicous Skincare Range

Sea Siren Cosmetics continues to expand its horizons and will soon be launching its Sealicious marine-based hand and foot skincare range offering 5 products that integrate to promote a wave of change for shipwrecked hands, nails and feet. Australian made and not tested on animals, the new skincare range will set sail alongside the current fleet of premium quality nail polish and accessories, which has been cruising from strength to strength since casting off in late 2013.

Ocean vegetables are at the very of heart of Sea Siren Cosmetics. Scientific research has shown ocean plants are just swimming with nutrients and are the richest source of minerals in the vegetable kingdom and ten times richer in trace elements than land plants which are essential in maintaining healthy, youthful looking skin. It is no coincidence that the ocean and great skin go hand in hand (or is that mermaid tail in hand?).

With a powerful combination of natural ingredients from the ocean and earth the range has been designed to work synergistically together in a treasure chest of botanicals and includes:

  • Sealicious Hand & Foot Scrub – infused with Organic Seaweed, Bamboo, Volcano Ash and minty fresh Spearmint to gently exfoliate, detoxify, cleanse and stimulate cell renewal.
  • Sealicious Hand & Foot Mask – infused with Organic Kelp, Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Safflower with a zesty Lime aroma to soothe, hydrate and moistuise and smells good enough to eat!
  • Sealicoius Cuticle & Nail Oil – Infused with Organic Kelp and a complex of botanical oils including Sunflower, Jojoba, Avocado and Pomegranate to name a few, all to promote strong, healthy nails and cuticles in a fast penetrating formula without leaving a sticky, oily residue
  • Sealicious Hand & Nail Cream – Infused with Organic Kelp, Safflower & Sweet Almond Oil with an uplifting, fresh scent of Sweet Orange and Tangerine, this light-weight, non-greasy formula is ideal for hard-working hands that have been swabbing the decks.
  • Sealicious Foot Cream – Infused with pure Spirulina and Shea Butter with a refreshing aroma of Peppermint and Lemongrass, this deeply nourishing cream promotes silky-soft, relaxed and happy feet (or hands!)

Deborah Howard, Head Sea Wench and Founder says “It took many months working with our R&D team to get the formulas right and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to finally deliver them together at last. Our hands, nails and feet disclose much about our health, age, habits and lifestyle. We spend so much time caring for our face and body for a healthy, youthful appearance but neglect those parts which are a dead giveaway for aging and health!”

Deborah continued “Our vision was to deliver a simple and affordable hand, nail and feet skincare regime packed with powerful antixoidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids from the ocean and earth that not only revive and rejuvenate but smell and feel absolutely sealicous! As a bonus for our vegan friends, 4 of the 5 new products are also vegan friendly.”


The Sea Siren Cosmetics Sealicious skincare range will be available very soon online at


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