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Welcome to the 1st birthday ramblings of the Head Sea Wench & Founder of Sea Siren Cosmetics – Deborah Howard – and they are tears of joy!


One year, you mean we are one year old? Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that a nail polish from a well known high-end brand chipped on my toe nails on Day 2 of my Bali holiday some 20 months ago. Eeeek. Toe nail polish doesn’t chip (well it shouldn’t !). What happened to quality? Who would have dreamt that my first world trauma would have eventuated into where Sea Siren Cosmetics is today. I know I didn’t! I went to Bali to contemplate my navel and future career direction – I was burnt out badly in the healthcare profession. Yes, my first world problem started a dream I had never dreamt, a workload I never wanted at this time in my baby booming life and a passion I never knew I had…..and so commenced The Enchanting Journey.

33982_476027042456673_1726875207_nContemplating my navel in the Bali monsoon season LOL

On return the research commenced – I’m a scientist as one of my wenchful trades – I have more course and university degrees than letters in my name from banking & finance to wellness to health to behavioural sciences – I’m just a curious wench who needs to know stuff. I have fine attention to detail – they call it OCD these days (yes let’s put a tag on perfectionism hahaha) – this can have positive or negative effects – just ask my team of contractors LOL And other days, well……..I’m a Sagittarian…….I flitter, flutter and float…..I digress hah!

I found out why my well-known high-end brand chipped – it was possibly now using inferior ingredients – all to save $$$$ I would imagine to increase profit margin. I’ll have none of that cheap and inferior in my business. I’d rather make a small profit than sell crap – pure and simple.

It started as a small idea, a hobby until I decided which direction my working life was to take. Sea Siren has grown into what it is in such a short time all inspired by my passions – a love of the ocean, nature, travel and cruising.  A beautiful logo and company name developed – some of the original company names bandied about were a crack up and not suitable for public consumption. Who would have thought the words Sea Siren had never been trademarked. Well they are now as well as our Sea Wench logo!


First and foremost any products made by Sea Siren Cosmetics had to be Made in Australia from premium quality ingredients. Our nail polish formula was developed with the focus of being a superior, salon-quality with the least toxins possible, and chip resistant!  As a beach dweller, UV resistant was also a must and, of course, Cruelty Free and Not Tested on Animals was high on the list of wants (our nail polish range is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free – CCF).  Then we integrated the added benefit that our formula is also vegan friendly but you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it’s quality and benefits hehe.

And then we launched a year ago today!



 3, 2, 1 and we’re sailing away!

Behind the scenes was intense at SSCHQ. I remember it vividly. I had worked hard to get this idea off the ocean floor from Davy Jones’ Locker. Many looooong hours and days for 6 months from deciding to go ahead with the business to launch day, bashing my head against the gang plank often and I was exhausted. Fingers crossed, will the website crash, is the photography right, will anyone actually buy the products!……….AKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. It was so nerve-wracking.

12 months on we have expanded to 40 shades including cremes, shimmers, glitters, brights and neons, pastels and nudes and continue to explore the addition of new shades and nail care products to our range whilst keeping up with the latest trends.


More recently we launched our beautiful Sealicous Marine-based Hand and Foot Skincare range. Working with a cosmetic chemist, the formulas took time to develop and test and reject and test and so on. The quality is superior; a powerful combination of natural ingredients from the ocean and earth and simply SEALICOUS!  The formulations in our 5 products are one of a kind – it is not something made by a mass-produced manufacturer where many businesses use the some product, stick their labels on and differentiate by marketing. It is mine, it is unique, it is premium quality, it is professionally made in small batches to ensure freshness, it works and I am in love with it!


Has it been easy? Are you kidding! There has been so much blood, sweat, tears and tantrums. I have tossed the beach towel in on many occasion and then I pick it up again. There’s a fine line between passion and pain (I think they wrote a song about that LOL). I really do love creating seaduction and watching Sea Siren Cosmetics evolve has been a truly enriching (and frustrating!) experience.

Have you met the head of our Cruelty Free Division and Workplace & Safety Officer, Captain Sea Dawg aka Chester?  He’s my rock in the stormy seas and ensures I get my regular walks to destress.



Giving back is also good for my soul and we have also developed Sailaway Heather as our Breast Cancer Awareness nail polish. She was created in honour of my beautiful mum who struggled with breast cancer and now sadly cruises in another universe. You can read more about the development and creation of Sailaway Heather here.

Sailaway Heather Breast Cancer landscape

Have YOU got Onboard yet and commenced your own personal Enchanting Journey? What are you waiting for? Walk the Plank, Miss the Boat or Get Onboard! Buy Australian Made & Owned!


We would like to celebrate our birthday by offering up to 30% off our range storewide as our gift to you for supporting us during our start-up year and to welcome new sea wenches onboard.  Stay tuned for competitions and giveaways as well.


But wait…..there’s more!  We’re also offering Free Shipping on all orders over $50.00 – now you have no excuse to Get Onboard!


With much love to all as we cruise forward creating seaduction on the Enchanting Journey, salvaging shipwrecked hands, nails & feet!

Deborah Howard xo

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